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The first photo of Elvis Presley was taken while visiting his father in Mississippi's notorious Parchman Farm prison -- the same farm which housed blues musicians including Bukka White, T Model Ford & Son House.

(LEFT) Pink Floyd Division Bell Aluminum Sign 

Exclusively available through Bluescentric, this is an official Pink Floyd collectable 18" by 6"  (458x152.5mm) aluminum sign featuring ONLY the LEFT Division Bell statue. This aluminum sign comes with rounded edges, and predrilled with two 1/4 inch holes on the top and bottom.

Every sale directly benefits Pink Floyd!

Great for indoor or outdoor use, will last up to 6 years outdoors. Avoid prolonged direct sunlight. 

The Division Bell was Pink Floyd's fourteenth studio album, released March 28, 1994 and focusing on communication. 

The towering statues featured here were designed by longtime Floyd collaborator Storm Thorgerson. "I consider, unashamedly, this to be one of the best things I've ever done," Thorgerson said. "Not so much for the dialogue with the viewer and not so much for the implication of a third absent face i.e. that of Syd Barrett, formed by the two eyes looking at you, rather than each other, but more because of the statues themselves, designed with wild-eyed Keith Breeden, were very imposing in their own right, majestic, elegant, and monolithic, standing eerily in the fens of East Anglia."