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R&B is short for "Rhythm and Blues".


Hi! Thanks for the great products. My husband is from the MS Delta, Rolling Fork like Muddy Waters, to be exact. I love buying happies for him from your site. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks again!
- Maggie Christopher
This is the best place to get clothing period. I'm a 20 year old guitarist and I'm obsessed with blues and I often feel down about how Blues was way bigger back in the day and it was easier to find people to play with. While time travel doesn't exist, the recordings and your clothing give me something close.
- Aaron B., Wayne, New Jersey
I got my awesome T-shirts today! I wanted to thank you for the courtesy shirt. I appreciate the wonderful customer service. You have earned a customer. 😊
- Deena R., Virginia Beach, VA
I just want to say I was pleasantly surprised when I got my order. With the personalized note and free coolie cup holder I was smiling. Keep up the good work and attitude.
- Kathleen H. in Gaithersburg, MD
I just wanted to thank you guys! It's like you personally know my taste in music! Otis, Live At The Whisky and Albert King's In Session are 2 of my favorite albums and my shirts are on there way! I'm so excited. I would love to see a Freddie King or Lee Moses shirt down the line!
- Charlie Baugher
Just recd my first 3 tees! I love them!!!
- Tereca Osburne, Georgia
Loved my lagniappes that came with my coasters and album. Used my Muddy Waters coolie a few minutes ago, and I needed one of those 45 adaptors so that was great. :-) I can't wait to listen to the album. You guys are always so fun to do business with-I love the personalized aspects to your mailouts. Thanks again,
- Cyndy M., Nashville, TN
Thanks Matt. I love your shirts. People have asked me at several festivals where I got the "Baptized in Muddy Waters." Your selections are tremendous.
- Ronnie Harper, Tennessee
Amazing service..great can do no wrong in my book!!
- Alex Grupp in Whitby, Ontario, Canada
My replacement shirt came in the mail today. Looks great. Thanks for your awesome customer service. Will definitely buy from you again.
- Matt Kalman
I love this store.. because I'm a bluesman.. so far in my collection, only two t-shirts.. and many people see me they ask " Oh it's cool! but most importantly they are made with a heart full of love for the Blues.. good luck
- Kruglov Paul in Moscow, Russia
Hey Matt; Got my stuff Sat., love it, thanks for the fun little extras. Have a great week. Brian
- Brian V, Warrenville, IL
I received the calendar and the shirts. They exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be ordering more. Btw, your personal, hand written note was a great touch. Very soulful.
- Michael Shavelson in Chester, New Jersey
Bluescentric is an amazing organization. Even when one of my orders had a slight delay, I received immediate and then regular feedback regarding the status of my order. Keep on keepin' on!
- Don R. in Newton, MA
The tees arrived today. Love them! The quality is sooo good. I’ll be back! Regards and best wishes from Ireland!
- Martin Walsh in Durrow, Ireland
Thanks for letting me know. I’m really excited about giving this hat as a Christmas gift. I’m sure that my son-in-law will love it. He’s the Broonzy fan.
- Dianna J., Dayton, OH
Thank you for your customer service. I received the t-shirt in a timely manner and happy with quality. Again, would love to do business again.
- Ronald E. in Houston, TX
Just a note here to say that every time that I wear the "Life without Music would B Flat" T, I get positive comments and inquiries as to where I got the short. Of course, I tell them Bluescentric and add that you have other designs and that my shopping experience was a good one and that I found you guys to be easy to deal with and all that good shit. I hope that those who said that they would follow up did so, when I have some spare change I'd like to order more T's
- Phil V in Harrison, New York
Hey just want you to know it came today!! My hubby loves it! Thanks again for all your help! I’ll be back for more t’s!
- Kim L., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
This stuff is amazing !!!
- Trevor Gage, Houston, Texas