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Licensing and Estates

We work with the music legends, their family members, estates, and non-for-profits to create wholesale licensed band merchandise that exemplifies an artist’s legacy, music and message. Music Lovers get authentic, quality music merch, and we pay every artist directly for every t-shirt, apparel, or merchandise sold!

Bluescentric represents licenses with over a dozen Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and Blues Hall of Fame Inductees, GRAMMY™ winners, and #1 Billboard™ chart-topping hit-makers collectively responsible for over 100 gold records. 

We create exciting, fan-friendly wholesale licensed band merchandise that fits comfortably in an array of retail environments. Find wholesale music t-shirts here.

Do you represent an estate? 

If you represent the estate of a music legend that you feel would fit Bluescentric's broad rock, soul, blues target demographic, feel free to contact us to discuss licensing and merchandising options. Bluescentric offers friendly terms, above-industry average returns, final approval on all art, and a unique, fan-friendly retail merch experience.


Help us fight cheap knockoff bootleg merch that steals from artists! Before you buy merch that features a musician online or from a shop, make sure to ask if it’s officially licensed! Because we care about the music, Bluescentric has agreed to help its licensors combat fake artist merch by taking legal action against bootleggers when necessary.

If you see a company you believe is using an artist's name and picture without permission, report fake or knockoff merchandise here!