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A man named Robert Petway first recorded the famous song "Catfish Blues" during one of just two recording sessions for Bluebird Records, and then disappeared, never to be heard from or found again.

Find an array of unique & exclusive music-themed and rock band license plates... fun for your car, trailer, music room, garage, or next cigar box guitar project. 

We carry guitar license plates, groovy hippie themed woodstock license plates, the only official Blues Brothers Bluesmobie license plate, official Cheech & Chong up In Smoke plates, Pink Floyd and AC/DC license plates, drumer license plates, and more. 

Bluescentric Brand License plates are standard U.S. car sized, measuring 5.875" x 11.875" (301.6x149.2mm). Plates are .30 inch thick durable non-rust aluminum and Made in America. They come premade with standard 1 inch (25.4mm) screw slots to attach to a car.

Music license plates are printed using a full-color commercial process that produces a quality plate that will last years in any setting.