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According to the Kurt Cobain biography "Heavier than Heaven" by Charles Cross, Cobain was inspired to name his band “Nirvana” after watching a documentary on Buddhism.

Music Quotes

We keep a database of awesome hand-picked quotes from a variety of authors, musicians, and key people about music, soul, jazz, musicianship, guitars and all things music! Every order you receive from our shop, find a fun new music quote on the bottom of your packing slip! Below are some of our favorites.

The sound that you're listening to is from my guitar named Lucille
- B.B. King
Hard Rock has unquestionably hit its all-time low
- Rolling Stone's review of AC/DC's first release
See, everybody say they don't like the blues. But you wrong.
- Howlin' Wolf
Black people invented everything. They invented jazz, blues, rock & roll, hip-hop, on and on and on. Every cool thing in music comes from them.
- Jack White
Jazz is my religion, and Surrealism is my point of view.
- Ted Joans
It is a great life, this life of music.
- Ahmet Ertegun, Atlantic Records
We played four nights at the Fillmore West, where we opened for B.B. King and Buddy Guy.
- Gregg Allman
i think my spaceship knows which way to go
- David Bowie, Space Oddity (1969)
Get up from that piano. You're hurtin' its feelings!
- Jelly Roll Morton
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues
- David Bowie, "Let's Dance"
Home of the brave, land of the free, I don't wanna be mistreated by no bourgeoisie
- Lead Belly
All I could do was view Aretha [Franklin] as a wonder child
- Smokey Robinson
If you'll notice, there's Muddy Waters songs all through the Allman Brothers records. My brother would play that stuff on acoustic for hours.
- Gregg Allman
if i can't get me no sweet potato pie, I'm gonna get me some ass
- Howlin' Wolf
[John Coltrane] was studying Buddha sometime near the last gig [of his life] and found that there was a chant where you could pound your chest and it would change the sound of your voice. He wanted to get that quiver on the horn, and when he couldn’t get it, he’d put the horn down, beat on his chest and scream into the microphone. People really thought he’d lost his mind then.
- Rashied Ali, drummer for John Coltrane
By the year 2006 the music known today as the blues will exist only in the classical records department in your local public library. So tonight, ladies and gentlemen while we still can let us welcome from Rock Island, Illinois, the blues music from Elliot Jake and Elwood Blues, The Blues Brothers
- Opening of The Blues Brothers' Briefcase Full of Blues
it hit me that [Blind Willie] McTell and most of the great country bluesmen were recording and performing in the early-'20s, which was the same time period as when the De Stijl art movement was taking root. They were both doing the same things: breaking things down to their essences. In my mind, both the country blues and the De Stijl movement represented a new beginning of music and art, perhaps for the rest of eternity.
- Jack White on naming the 2000 White Stripes album De Stijl
Henry 'Gip' Gipson was the embodiment of blues - cool, smooth, passionate and dripping with soul
- Randall Woodfin, Birmingham mayor
The lunatics are in my hall. The paper holds their folded faces to the floor, and every day the paperboy brings more.
- Pink Floyd, Brain Damage, 1973
They call me rude, some dude's fiery attitude, claimin' I boast, smoke, sometimes sing the blues
- Chuck D, Public Enemy