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Music Quotes

We keep a database of awesome hand-picked quotes from a variety of authors, musicians, and key people about music, soul, jazz, musicianship, guitars and all things music! Every order you receive from our shop, find a fun new music quote on the bottom of your packing slip! Below are some of our favorites.

Lord, that 61 Highway is the longest road I know
- Mississippi Fred McDowell
If a song was ever good, it's still good.
- Willie Nelson
I do not play no Rock n Roll. But this one sounds a little bit like it.
- Mississippi Fred McDowell
Go ahead and play the blues if it'll make you happy.
- Homer Simpson
I have an iPod and I put all my favorite stuff on there. You can dial up anything. I mostly listen to blues.
- Gregg Allman
There was a set list from my first band, the Black Snake Moan, written on a little card – Jimmy Reed, John Lee Hooker, Sonny Boy, Chuck Berry.
- Robert Plant
Couldn't Do No Yodelin', So I Turned to Howlin'
- Howlin' Wolf
The Blues is the three L's. -- Living, Loving, and, hopefully, laughing.
- B.B. King
I'm movin' around and I can't stand still, I'm Bo Diddley.
- Jack White, I'm Shakin'
From a very early age, I connected with the blues.
- Van Morrison
I said to [Clarence Gatemouth Brown], ‘I play your song Okie Dokey Stomp for my Theme Song!’ and he says… ‘Don’t **** it up, kid’. I quit playin’ it.
- Dr. John
Curtis Loew was the finest picker to ever play the blues
- Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Ballad of Curtis Lowe
He carried me around to the clubs and helped me get started.
- Howlin' Wolf on Muddy Waters
I just like the blues better than rock n roll.
- Johnny Winter
I been in the blues all my life. I'm still delivering 'cause I got a long memory.
- Muddy Waters
There was one in particular called, I think, "American Folk Festival of The Blues", which featured Buddy Guy... He just astounded everybody.
- Jimmy Page
I used to listen to [Sonny Boy Williamson] a lot when I was a kid.
- Levon Helm, The Band
I may be getting old, but I've got young fashioned ways...
- Muddy Waters
It is a great life, this life of music.
- Ahmet Ertegun, Atlantic Records
I'm gonna get home as soon as I can.
- B.B. King