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Music Quotes

We keep a database of awesome hand-picked quotes from a variety of authors, musicians, and key people about music, soul, jazz, musicianship, guitars and all things music! Every order you receive from our shop, find a fun new music quote on the bottom of your packing slip! Below are some of our favorites.

I'm gonna take it on down to Soulsville
- Isaac Hayes
"[Big Mama Thornton] was a wonderful blues singer, with a great moaning style. But it was as much her appearance, as her blues style that influenced the writing of 'Hound Dog' and the idea that we wanted her to growl it."
- Mike Stoller, on writing Hound Dog Taylor for Big Mama Thornton
When you hear someone making music, they are baring a naked part of their souls to you.
- Jimi Hendrix
The other part of the scene, the rock n roll and the jazz, are the walls of the blues.
- Luther Allison
The first blues festivals I ever went to, I always got a shiver every time I saw Sonny Boy Williamson, the way he strutted out on the stage.
- Robert Plant
You're my blue sky, you're my sunny day
- The Allman Brothers
...the fervour in that man's face when he sang. His eyes would light up, you'd see the veins come out on his neck and buddy, there was nothing on his mind but that song. He sang with his damn soul.
- Sam Phillips on Howlin' Wolf
Man, you know I enjoy things that kings and queens will never have...
- Howlin' Wolf
We played four nights at the Fillmore West, where we opened for B.B. King and Buddy Guy.
- Gregg Allman
I hope they don't mistake us for one of those Rock and Roll bands.
- Mick Jagger
I just sprayed Albert King all over the f***er
- Stevie Ray Vaughan, on playing guitar for David Bowie's 'Let's Dance'
I'm gonna bring it on down to Soulsville
- Isaac Hayes
Those who knew and worked with [Duane Allman] can tell a thousand stories about the long-haired blond kid who stepped in with the catfish-eating professionals and kicked ass.
- Cameron Crowe
One of my favorite things of having new shirts from you is putting one on, reaching back and pulling the tag off. It’s like popping open a new can of pringles.
- Benson D., Austin, Texas
Go ahead and play the blues if it'll make you happy.
- Homer Simpson
I've listened to a lot of great blues guitarists, but the two guys who I go back to consistently are Albert King and BB King. Their appeal never fades.
- Slash, Guitarist for Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, Slash's Blues Ball
Ravi Shankar and Robert Johnson are the only guitar players I listen to.
- George Harrison
My thing is more in a blues vein: long, rambling, basic and primitive.
- Jim Morrison, The Doors
Soon enough time will tell about the circus and the wishing well
- Jimi Hendrix
the Pink Floyd does not know what people mean by psychedelic pop and are not trying to create hallucinatory effects on their audiences.
- EMI Press Release for Pink Floyd's debut album, The Piper At The Gates of Dawn