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GrooveWasher Walnut Vinyl Record Care System (Walnut Handle, Microfiber Cleaning Pad, G2 in 4oz Bottle, Label Protector) 

GrooveWasher Named #1 record cleaning fluid by Discogs! "5/5 ... Everything you need to keep your records clean, with an added bonus of the best microfiber system we tested."

GrooveWasher's origins are in the famous 1970s-era company DiscWasher. Known by audiophiles everywhere, DiscWasher featured proprietary products with unmatched quality and cleaning ability -- such as the revered D-Series cleaning solution. 

Some time after DiscWasher's sale to Jensen, original longtime employees from the company formed GrooveWasher to again give audiophiles an unrivaled quality in the spirit of DiscWasher's founder and their former mentor, Dr Bruce Maier.

Fun fact -- DiscWasher's original 1970s headquarters was less than a mile from Bluescentric's own headquarters today! GrooveWasher continues the proud tradition of being made & distributed from Missouri, USA. 


(1) 2oz. bottle of G2 cleaning fluid w/ spray nozzle
(1) solid milled poplar handle
(1) all purpose cleaning pad
label protector mask


• Made in Missouri, USA!

• Safely and effectively removes dust, dirt, and fingerprints from your vinyl

• Cleaning improves the sound of your vinyl!

• G2 fluid improves upon the classic D series cleaners of the 70's and is non-reactive to vinyl w/ anti-static action on contact

• Milled, hand gray-washed poplar wood handle with velcro design allowing cleaning pads to be replaced when needed

• Velcro cleaning pad is constructed of split microfiber and other absorbent fabrics

• Label mask prevents wetting the record label when spraying G2 fluid

• Two ounce bottle of G2 fluid can clean both sides of over 50 records!