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Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis sent Paul McCartney a telegram Oct 21, 1969 requesting he play bass on a session with them. McCartney was on vacation and missed the request.

Muddy Waters - Folk Singer Vinyl Record (New, Gatefold, Import) 

Features a new-on-the-scene Buddy Guy on Guitar! 

Mud's only acoustic album!

This is a new gatefold 180 gram vinyl record lp pressing  of Muddy Waters' Folk Singer. 

Muddy Waters fourth studio album, released on Chess Records in April, 1964. 

Label: DOL


Side 1
1. My Home Is In The Delta
2. Long Distance
3. My Captain
4. Good Morning School Girl
5. You Gonna Need My Help
6. The Same Thing
7. You Can't Lose What You Never Had

Side 2
8. Cold Weather Blues
9. Big Leg Woman
10. Country Boy
11. Feel Like Going Home
12. My John The Comquerer Root
13. Short Dress Woman
14. Put Me In Your layaway