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Dyke & the Blazers' soul-drenched guitar & horn riff on their 1969 hit "Let A Woman Be A Woman - Let A Man Be A Man" was sampled in The Heavy's smash hit "How You Like Me Now" & Tupac Shakur's "If my Homie Calls".

Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii Coffee Mug 

Official Pink Floyd Mug!

The Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii design is printed on BOTH SIDES of this premium 11 ounce Bluescentric Brand ceramic music coffee mug. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. 

The 1972 movie Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii featured the band playing without audience in the decrepit Pompeii Amphitheatre. Pompeii is notable in history when some-2000 years ago, the town and its inhabitants were nearly perfectly preserved by the ash of a nearby erupting volcano.

Filmed by director Adrian Maben, who conceived the idea, the concert movie experience was released to popular reception worldwide.