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Despite threats of violence & boycotts, Mamie Smith broke the racially-charged "color barrier" when she first recorded for Okeh Records with a white band in February, 1920. Smith's music was so wildly successful, she opened the door for more black musicians, and single-handedly ushered in the era of the classic women blues singers.

Son House - Father of Folk Blues Vinyl Record (New) 

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The Guitarist Who Inspired Robert Johnson!

This is a new vinyl record LP pressing of Son House's Father of Folk Blues album. 

In 1930, Son House played some of the most haunting blues ever laid to record, and due to the The Great Depression, gave up music and faded into obscurity. 

Two decades later, House was shocked to find himself the hero of the exploding folk movement. It lead to this unique resurgence in his popularity. House recorded 1965's Father of Folk Blues, and toured internationally until his death. 

Track Listings
1. Death Letter 4:19
2. Pearline 4:30
3. Louise McGhee 6:12
4. John the Revelator 2:29
5. Empire State Express 3:38

6. Preachin' Blues 5:43
7. Grinning in Your Face 2:06
8. Sundown 6:12
9. Levee Camp Moan 9:23