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While recording "What's Goin' On", Marvin Gaye insisted on finding "Funk Brother" James Jameson to play bass. They finally found him so drunk that he had to record the bass lines lying flat on his back.

Woodstock High Way Street Sign 

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The psychedelic official Woodstock "High Way" Street Sign is now available through Bluescentric. 

The Woodstock aluminum sign measures 18 inches by 6 inches (458x152.5mm) with two pre-drilled 1/4 inch holes (on the short sides) and rounded edges. Great for indoor or outdoor use, will last up to 6 years outdoors. Avoid prolonged direct sunlight. 

When hundreds of thousands descended upon Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969, they needed a way to navigate the vast festival area at Yasgur farm. So was born streets like High Way, Groovy Way, and Happy Ave.

Now you can take a part of Woodstock for your music room, studio, home office, listening room or garage.