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AC/DC almost disbanded after the death of singer Bon Scott in 1980, but instead added Brian Johnson on vocals & recorded Back in Black, which quickly became one of the best selling albums of all time.
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Bluescentric carries a full line of vinyl record cleaning products & vinyl record accessories!

Discerning audiophiles will love GrooveWasher products! Founded by apprentices and employees of the famed 70s era vinyl cleaning company DiscWasher, GrooveWasher has revived & improved upon that same Missouri-made style and absolutely unmatched quality. 

Discover a full line of Vinyl Styl products -- vintage solutions for the modern era! Find archive-quality inner and outer vinyl record sleeves, and proven, excellent record and turntable cleaning products.  

We also carry turntable and vinyl record accessories! Find fun & unique turntable slipmats, 45rpm vinyl record adapters, 1/4" mono adapters, vinyl record coasters, a 45 adapter t-shirt and more.

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