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After Marvin Gaye recorded two different vocals for "What's Going On", the engineer accidentally played both at once, which sounded so good it became the final version.
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Officially Licensed Creedence Clearwater Revival Merch! Find the perfect CCR t-shirt, whether you're a traveling band, born on the bayou, in them cotton fields back home, or just down on the corner.

Bluescentric carries some of the first official Creedence Clearwater Revival T-Shirts and merchandise... ever! Find sizes up to 5XL and 3XLT, women's, children's outerwear & more, with a range of colors.

Bluescentric only manufactures authentic quality official Creedence Clearwater Revival t-shirts, CCR mugs, Creedence hats, Creedence concert poster merchandise and more. New designs and merchandise released regularly.

*Limited Edition CCR band shirts are only available in a small quantity or for a limited time.

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