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This is the official store for Lead Belly music merchandise. Every sale directly benefits the Lead Belly Foundation, a non-profit organization guided by Lead Belly's family, to preserve and promote the musical legacy of the "King of the 12-String Guitar".

Here, you'll find Lead Belly t-shirts in children, women's, XLT sizing, and unisex sizes up to 5XL. We also carry unique official Lead Belly music merchandise, including vinyl records, mugs, and other musical gifts for true fans.

While his name is often spelled "Leadbelly", the folk musician actually always referred to himself as "Lead Belly" -- with a space!

Huddie William Ledbetter, better known by his lifelong monkier "Lead Belly", was one of the most prominent folk musicians of the 20th century, weaving salt of the earth themes throughout hundreds of great American folk songs. 

Lead Belly famously sang himself out of a Texas prison and into Carnegie Hall. 

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