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Screamin' And Hollerin' the Blues Paramount Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Black Mineral Wash 

Select A Size:
Size Width
(Laid Flat)
S 16 1/8" 24 7/8"
M 19" 25 1/2"
L 21" 28 1/2"
XL 23" 28 1/2"
2XL 25" 29 1/2"
3XL 25" 29 1/2"
100% cotton, no two music t-shirt colorings are exactly alike... enjoy each for its own uniqueness! But wash separately.

Paramount Records first release of Screamin' and Hollerin' the blues was credited to the mysterious monkier "The Masked Marvel" as a publicity stunt. The next pressing, they credited it to Charley Patton -- the father of the blues, and the grandfather of Rock n Roll.

Patton was a delta blues guitarist who lived on the now-historic Dockery Farms in the Mississippi Delta, and his music was so popular among the local area, that he didn't have to work the field to make a living like everyone else. He was one of the only black men in Mississippi to own a new car. People came from miles around to Cleveland, Mississippi to hear Patton play. Among his students on Dockery were Son House, Howlin' Wolf and Robert Johnson. Patton's wild antics with his guitar were legendary proto-rock n roll showmanship, and his music would be the foundation of an entire genre of music.