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The Black Crowes - Three Snakes And One Charm Vinyl Record (New) 


This is a limited double vinyl LP pressing of the album Three Snakes And One Charm by the American rockers.

Three Snakes And One Charm is the fourth album by The Black Crowes, released July 23, 1996. Rolling Stone magazine also gave the album three stars, noting that it "works best when it forsakes album-oriented pretension for singular clarity, from the oblique Beatles references on 'Nebakanezer' and 'Bring On, Bring On' to the Sly Stone-cum-Al Green funk of '(Only) Halfway to Everywhere' and the warm acoustic resignation of 'Better When You're Not Alone.'

The album's cover logo resembles a 45 rpm record insert.

Label: American Recordings


1 Under a Mountain 4:10
2 Good Friday 3:51
3 Nebakanezer 4:07
4 One Mirror Too Many 3:34
5 Blackberry 3:25
6 Girl from a Pawnshop 6:17
7 (Only) Halfway to Everywhere 3:59
8 Bring on, Bring on 3:56
9 How Much for Your Wings? 3:27
10 Let Me Share the Ride 3:18
11 Better When You're Not Alone 4:10
12 Evil Eye 4:10
13 Just Say You're Sorry 3:30
14 Mellow Down Easy (Willie Dixon) 3:43