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Just after Bukka White recorded "Shake 'Em On Down", which became a fast hit, he was locked up in Mississippi's notorious Parchman Farm Penitentiary, where he was reportedly a celebrity -- the guards contributed funds to buy Bukka a guitar; the Governor came to see him.

Upcycled Guitar String Thin, Light, Stackable Karma Bangle 

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POPULAR! What goes around comes around and these Karma bangles are made from electric guitar string, wound around several times. Each features three ball bearings - Learn from your past, Live in the present and Envision your future.

To bring you the perfect accent for your next blues festival or concert outfit, Bluescentric scoured the American South to find the most bluesy and stylish jewelry that was still authentic and e-conscious. 

ReStrung Jewelry is hand made and locally sourced in New Orleans using only fair-trade standards. They reuse blues musician's old strings from Gulf Coast players like Mike Zito, Drew Landry, Truman Holland and the Back Porch Review, Reece Sullivan and others. 

Part of each sale goes to the New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation, which raises much-needed funds for The New Orleans Musicians Clinic.

The jewelry is almost entirely locally sourced, any materials internationally sourced is done through organizations adhering to safe and ethical working conditions under the ILO and ETI fair trade standards.