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T-Shirt Fantasy Book - Stephen Voland (Softcover) 


This rock n roll coffee table book has been to only the best concerts -- and got all the t-shirts. 

"A mostly non-linear journey through the vintage music t-shirt collection of Stephen Voland!"

Written by esteemed authentic vintage band tee dealer, Voland packs every page of T-Shirt Fantasy with only the rarest, most noteworthy absolute grail vintage blues, soul, rock n roll band tees.

From "the grail" original Woodstock tee to the wild 70s parking lot bootlegs, this fascinating book features rare golden-era band tees in all their glorious wrecked, well-loved glory.

Featured among many others are ZZ Top, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead and even Blind Willie McTell. 

Sure to be a hit on the coffee table of any festival lover, vintage t-shirt collector, or music fan.