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Cold Heat: Heavy Funk Rarities, 1968 - 1974, Vol. 1 Vinyl Record (New, 2-LP, Rare!) 


This is a fun 2-LP release of Heavy Funk Rarities called Cold Heat, Volume 1 from Now Again Records. 

This release contains fifteen tracks of older funk rarities that is overflowing with rare, funky diamonds in the rough that until now have never been heard by the world at large. Compiler Egon has gone through a range of rare singles, masters, and demos to discover an eclectic collection of grooves that are all on the harder end of the James Brown Funky People side of the spectrum.

Label: Now Again


1 Carleen & the Groovers - 'The Thing'
2 Amnesty - 'Free Your Mind'
3 Detroit Sex Machines - 'The Stretch (Edit)'
4 Michael Liggins & the Supersouls - 'Loaded to the Gills (Edit)'
5 Kenny Smith & the Loveliters - 'Go for Yourself (Edit)'
6 Dayton Sidewinders - 'Slipping Into Darkness'
7 The Apollo Commanders - 'James Brown Medley (I Made a Mistake/ Lowdown Popcorn)'
8 Lil' Lavair and the Fabulous Jades - 'Cold Heat'
9 The Soul Seven - 'The Cissy's Thang'
10 L.A. Carnival - 'Color (Original 7" Version)'
11 The Aristocrats - 'Don't Go'
12 The Soul Seven - 'MR. Chicken (Alternate Take)'
13 Leon Mitchison - 'Street Scene'
14 Kashmere Stage Band - 'Scorpio'
15 Leroy & the Drivers - 'The Sad Chicken'