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While "Bluegrass" was named for Bill Monroe, he learned the craft from his Uncle Pendleton Vandiver, a crippled civil war vet fiddler. They lived together in a two-room log cabin after the death of Monroe's parents, and he passed his music to Monroe, who in-turn bequeathed it on his passing. Some 52 years after Pendleton's death, Ricky Skaggs' cover of Monroe's song memorializing "Uncle Pen" shot to #1 on the Country Music Charts. Monroe played the part of his uncle in the music video.

Tyler Childers - Long Violent History Vinyl Record (New, 140 Gram Vinyl) 

This is a vinyl LP pressing of 'Long Violent History', the 2020 release from the Americana/Country/Bluegrass singer/songwriter Tyler Childers.

Interestingly, the entire album except the last title track (Long Violent History) is a stunning collection of bluegrass instrumentals.

In the end, Childers says few words, but makes them really count -- driving home stark questions about the looming conflicts in America on the stunning protest song Long Violent History.

This is a truly classic contemporary bluegrass album. 

Label: RCA


1. Send in the Clowns (4:09)
2. Zollie's Retreat (2:25)
3. Squirrel Hunter (3:59)
4. Sludge River Stomp (4:38)
5. Midnight on the Water (4:09)
6. Camp Chase (3:54)
7. Jenny Lynn (3:10)
8. Bonaparte's Retreat (2:46)
9. Long Violent History (3:10)