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The frantic 1977 smash hit "Black Betty" by Ram Jam was a cover of a Leadbelly prison work song -- the bleusman told John Lomax the "Bambalam" simulated the prisoner's axes hitting trees, and Black Betty was the foreman's whip (or maybe the prison wagon).

Tie-Dye Woodstock Poster Festival Bag 

This official Woodstock Festival Bag is tie-dyed all the way through, including draw strings! It is made from thick, quality cotton, perfect for music festivals and events. The thin backpack straps double as a drawstring-close top. 

The bag is 14 inches wide and 19 inches high, (35.5 cm x 48.2 cm) -- and is 18 inches high when the drawstring is closed. 

The Woodstock design is derived from the original concert poster, which promised an aquarian exposition with three days of Peace & Music in White Lake, New York.

The design has a light distress, and features the Woodstock bird and guitar.