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Marvin Gaye - What's Goin' On Vinyl Record (New, 180 Gram) 


This is a new vinyl LP copy of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On", the artist's smash hit eleventh studio album.

Released May 21, 1971, the album pioneered a technique of bleeding from one beautiful song into the next, as Gaye touches on war, inequality, environment and other issues that are as unfortunately relevant today as in 1971.

It was a Marvin Gaye record album he had to fight hard for. Motown chief Barry Gordy hated the initial concept
/single "What's Going On" and refused to release it, feeling it was too heavy and relied on outdated elements. Gaye responded by refusing to record any music. 

When Hitsville snuck some copies of the single out to stores without Gordy's knowledge, the song shot to #1 and Gordy desperately needed the rest of the album.

And with that, Marvin was able to wrestle the ability to produce his own albums, his own way, for the rest of his life, starting with What's Going On.


1 What's Going on - Marvin Gaye, Cleveland, Al
2 What's Happening Brother - Marvin Gaye, Gaye, Marvin
3 Flyin' High (In the Friendly Sky) - Marvin Gaye, Gaye, Marvin
4 Save the Children - Marvin Gaye, Cleveland, Al
5 God Is Love - Marvin Gaye, Gaye, Marvin
6 Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) - Marvin Gaye, Gaye, Marvin
7 Right on - Marvin Gaye, Derouen, Earl
8 Wholy Holy - Marvin Gaye, Cleveland, Al
9 Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) - Marvin Gaye, Gaye, Marvin