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Charlie Parker - The Savoy 10" LP Collection Vinyl Record Box Set (New, Deluxe, Remastered & Restored, Rare Photos) 


Deluxe remastered & restored box set with bonus booklet! Features Miles Davis, Max Roach, Dizzy Gillespie and more!  

Charlie Parker is one of the few musicians who can be said to have permanently changed jazz. One of the greatest jazz innovators of all time, Parker composed and played alto saxophone, becoming a leading figure in the development of bebop.

Parker (also known as “Bird”) left an enormous musical legacy in his short 34 years of life, and his vast influence extends to other forms of art, such as dance, literature, visual arts and film.

As part of Bird’s centennial celebration in 2020, Craft Recordings presents The Savoy 10-Inch LP Collection -- a deluxe box set including four 10-inch LPs cut from newly restored and remastered audio.

The collection highlights Bird’s pioneering bebop recordings for Savoy Records from 1944–1948, featuring jazz legends Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, John Lewis, Bud Powell, Max Roach and more. The package includes faithfully restored original album artwork, plus a booklet containing vintage photos, rare ephemera and new liner notes by GRAMMY®-winning author Neil Tesser.


• Deluxe 4-LP box set
• Newly-restored and remastered audio
• Faithfully restored original album label and jacket artwork
• Booklet contains vintage photos, rare ephemera, and new liner notes by GRAMMY®-winning author Neil Tesser


Charlie Parker
New Sounds In Modern Music, Volume 1
Savoy Records ‎(MG 9000)

Side A
Now's the Time (3:14)
Donna Lee (2:32)
Chasin’ the Bird (2:43)
Red Cross (3:07)

Side B
Ko-Ko (2:54)
Warmin’ Up a Riff (2:34)
Half Nelson (2:42)
Sipping at Bells (2:21)

Charlie Parker
New Sounds In Modern Music, Volume 2
Savoy Records ‎(MG 9001)

Side A
Billie's Bounce (3:07)
Cheryl (2:57)
Milestones (2:35)
Another Hair-Do (2:37)

Side B
Thriving from a Riff (2:54)
Buzzy (2:29)
Little Willie Leaps (2:50)
Klaunstance (2:41)


Charlie Parker
New Sounds In Modern Music, Volume 3
Savoy Records ‎(MG 9010)

 Side A
Bluebird (2:49)
Bird Gets the Worm (2:34)
Parker's Mood (3:02)

 Side B
Steeplechase (3:03)
Perhaps (2:32)
Tiny's Tempo (2:53)

Charlie Parker
New Sounds In Modern Music, Volume 4
Savoy Records ‎(MG 9011)

Side A
Merry Go Round(2:23)
Confirmation(released on 10” LP 9011 as “Riff Warmer”) (3:09)

Side B
Barbados (2:27)
Ah-Leu-Cha (2:51)
Marmaduke (2:42)