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GrooveWasher Record & Stylus Care System (G2 Cleaning Fluid 4oz Mist Bottle, Microfiber Cleaning Pad, Label Protector, SC1 Stylus Brush & Stylus Fluid) 

This is the authentic GrooveWasher Record & Stylus Care System! This kit comes with G2 Cleaning Fluid in a 4oz Mist Bottle, super-absorbent Microfiber Cleaning Pad, Label Protector disc, SC1 Stylus Brush & SC1 Stylus Fluid

GrooveWasher Named #1 record cleaning fluid by Discogs! "5/5 ... Everything you need to keep your records clean, with an added bonus of the best microfiber system we tested."

This GrooveWasher Record & Stylus Cleaning System includes:
  • • G2 Record Cleaning Fluid in a 4oz mist spray bottle
  • • Super absorbent microfiber cleaning pad
  • • Label protector disc
  • • SC1 Stylus Care brush
  • • SC1 stylus care fluid in 1/2 oz dropper bottle.