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Howlin' Wolf - This Is Howlin' Wolf's New Album Vinyl Record (New) 


This is a new vinyl record pressing of Howlin' Wolf's New Album.

"You can't say on the cover that the artist didn't like the album," admitted Marshall Chess. But that's what they infamously did. Besides, Howlin Wolf loved his first electric guitar.

Nonetheless, this progressive, psychedelic blues album signaled a changing era in music, and produced a lasting gutbucket blues number, "Evil", which peaked at #43 on the R&B Chart. 


1 Spoonful
2 Tail Dragger
3 Smokestack Lightning
4 Moanin' at Midnight
5 Built for Comfort
6 The Red Rooster
7 Evil
8 Down in the Bottom
9 Three Hundred Pounds of Joy
10 Back Door Man