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Bad Company - Desolation Angels Vinyl Record (New, 180 Gram, Anniversary Edition) 

Bad Company's fifth album Desolation Angels, released March 17th, 1979, went platinum the year of its' release, peaking at #3 on the billboard charts.


Side one
1. Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy (Paul Rodgers) 3:15
2.razy Circles (Paul Rodgers) 3:32
3. Gone, Gone, Gone (Boz Burrell) 3:50
4. Evil Wind (Paul Rodgers) 4:22
5. Early in the Morning (Paul Rodgers) 5:45

Side two
6. Lonely for Your Love (Mick Ralphs) 3:26
7. Oh, Atlanta (Mick Ralphs) 4:08
8. Take the Time (Mick Ralphs) 4:14
9. Rhythm Machine (Simon Kirke, Boz Burrell) 3:44
10. She Brings Me Love (Paul Rodgers) 4:42