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LOW STOCK -- Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Bo Diddley Super Super Blues Band Vinyl Record (180 Gram, Ltd Edition, Colored Vinyl) 


It's the Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf and Bo Diddley forming the Super Super Blues Band on a very special, very limited-edition 180 gram translucent vinyl record.

Ever (and often) been let down by superstar collaborations? That's because nothing can live up to this paradigm meeting of titans.

When Little Walter dropped out of The Super Blues Band recording, he was replaced with Howlin Wolf, which of course meant they needed an extra "Super" to the blues band.

The album was recorded by some miracle in September 1967 at Ter Mar Studios in Chicago.

So many things make this one of the most truly unique albums on the document. "That these three ever got into the same room together is a miracle," writes Jackpot Records, "and that they produced something so intense, energetic and weird is another almost unbelievable feat."

The album is notable for long, fun jams from three absolute monster legends of music, fun and competitive banter between the artists, and the kind of rowdy studio only 1960s Chicago could produce. 

It's not hard to hear the prototypical foundations of today's popular music in this wild, fun vinyl record experience.