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While recording "Whats Goin' On", Marvin Gay insisted on finding "Funk Brother" James Jameson to play bass. They finally found him so drunk that he had to record the bass lines lying flat on his back.

Van Morrison - The Healing Game Vinyl Record (150 gram Vinyl) 

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The twenty sixth album by blue eyed soul singer Van Morrison. This 150 gram vinyl LP pressing of The Healing Game has been digitally remastered. 

Disc 1
1 Rough God Goes Riding 6:18
2 Fire in the Belly 6:34
3 This Weight 4:37
4 Waiting Game 5:56
5 Piper at the Gates of Dawn 3:53

Disc 2
1 Burning Ground 5:38
2 It Once Was My Life 5:11
3 Sometimes We Cry 5:14
4 If You Love Me 5:01
5 The Healing Game 5:16