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Chuck Berry's first professional recording was for Chess Records, and was actually a cover of a country tune, "Ida Red" renamed "Maybellene".

Pink Floyd Britannia Row Sign (London Borough of Islington Edition) 

Official Pink Floyd Britannia Row Sign (London Borough of Islington Edition). Every sale directly benefits Pink Floyd. 

In 1975, Pink Floyd purchased a three-story block at 35 Britannia Row, Islington, London N1, and converted it into Britannia Row Studios, where the band could record, house their extensive equipment and rent it for other act's performances. 

Over the decades, Britannia Row has produced concert performances for Queen, Peter Gabriel, The Cure, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Led Zellepin and many more, including some of Pink Floyd's most iconic live performances from the 1970s and beyond. 

Britannia Row Productions is now headquartered in London, Borough of Richmond.