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AC/DC's hit 1984 EP '74 Jailbreak featured a hard rocking cover of "Baby, Please Don't Go", written by Big Joe Williams and made world famous by Muddy Waters.

Pink Floyd Britannia Row Sign (London Borough of Richmond Edition) 

Only through Bluescentric, the Official Pink Floyd Britannia Row Productions Sign (London Borough of Richmond Edition). Every sale benefits Pink Floyd. 

This Pink Floyd aluminum wall sign measures 18 inches by 6 inches (458x152.5mm) with two pre-drilled 1/4 inch holes on the left and right. 

In 1975 Pink Floyd developed Britannia Row Productions out of a three-story block at 35 Britannia Row, Islington, London N1. The band used it to record music & store their vast equipment catalog. 

Britannia Row also produced other band's large productions while Floyd was not on the road, keeping their equipment in use and their crew's skills sharp. Britannia continues to produce numerous 100,000+ ticket shows with some of the most celebrated musicians in the world. 

Britannia Row Productions is now headquartered in London, Borough of Richmond.