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At the height of his career, Little Richard took a harrowing plane ride as a sign from God, quit a tour and secular music, went home and joined the ministry. Days later, the plane he was supposed to have been on crashed.

Woodstock Concert Ticket Sign 

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The official Woodstock concert ticket sign is full-color on .026 aluminum, and measures 18 inches by 6 inches (147 x 153 mm), with 3/4-inch rounded corners and two 1-3/8" drill holes for hanging. Works indoor or outdoor. For maximum life, try to keep away from continuous, direct sunlight.

This music-themed wall art features an original Woodstock concert ticket from 1969. During the "summer of love", Woodstock Music and Art Fair ushered in a cultural revolution with peace, love and music from bands like CCR, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Santana, Grateful Dead and so many more. 

Now own a piece of Woodstock for your studio, home office, 60s themed room, music room, listening room or garage.