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Rolling Stone's review of AC/DC's first release declared "Hard Rock has unquestionably hit its all-time low" and the band was snubbed from the magazine cover until 2003 -- when they snuck in on Shania Twain's AC/DC tee. They properly graced the cover in 2008.

Woodstock Tie-Dye Pint Glass 

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Official Woodstock Novelty Pint Glass. Every sale benefits Woodstock Ventures. There's a small strip of clear glass at the edge of the design so you can see how much drink you have left!

In honor of Bluescentric's new line of authentic Woodstock merch, we tie dyed a pint glass! One side reads 'Woodstock or Bust' with a peace sign, the other side has the Woodstock logo with Three Days of Peace & Music, Est. 1969.

With big ideas about peace, love and music, Woodstock Festival changed the world in the summer of love, 1969. 

* HAND WASH ONLY. NOT Dishwasher Safe. High temps & chemicals affect glass colors after 35-50 washes.

This Bluescentric Brand 17oz full color Woodstock pint glassware measures 5.9" (150mm) high and 3" (76mm) in diameter.