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Taj Mahal at the Roots n' Blues n BBQ Festival, 2007

Taj Mahal at the Roots n' Blues n
BBQ Festival
, 2007

The People - It took generations of great and influential people, many lost in the sands of time, to bring the Blues from it's varied, deep origins to the vast cultural music of our nation that it is. This always progressing section attempts to bring information on many of the major players in the Blues, past and present, into one place.

Blues Styles - The Blues uniquely has a wide and diverse number of styles and types, Each with their own unique sound, champions, and history! Learn about the different styles here.

The Blues Dictionary, Blues Glossary

The Blues Dictionary - Blues sometimes contains a lingo all it's own, and sometimes that lingo can be a bit hard to follow. It's for that reason we compiled an ever growing list of words and phrases uttered in Blues circles across time. No, we still don't know what "Mamlish" means!

The Instruments - You can have the Blues without instruments, but they sure help add flavor! This section is dedicated to the major instruments that make up that one of a kind sound that ranges from sweet to sorrowful, upbeat and electric, humorous to bitter, haunting to rocking.