Squeeze My Lemon

Blues Music T-Shirt

Blues Music T-Shirt -  Squeeze My Lemon
Made famous by the late Robert Johnson, and later made infamous by rock gods Led Zeppelin, "Squeeze My Lemon" is a term that's deeply embedded in blues lore and language! John son first uttered the phrase "Squeeze my lemon til the juice runs down my leg" in the 1937 song Travelling Riverside Blues. 32 years later, in 1969, Led Zeppelin recorded "The Lemon Song"!
  • Chest Width - Small: 18", Medium: 20", Large: 22", XL: 24", 2XL: 26", 3XL: 28"
  • Length - Small: 28", Medium: 29", Large: 30", XL: 31", 2XL: 32", 3XL: 33


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