Mannish Boy

Blues Music T-Shirt

Blues Music T-Shirt -  Mannish Boy
Muddy Waters immortalized this standard blues line in 1955 with his response to Bo Diddley's I'm A Man!! We put it on a high quality, professionally made blues t-shirt so you could celebrate your bluescentricity!

Now when I was a young boy, at the age of five
My mother said I was gonna be the greatest man alive
But now I'm a man, way past 21
Want you to believe me baby,
I had lot's of fun
I'm a man
I spell m... a... child, n...
That represents man
No B, O child, Y
That mean mannish boy!!!!
  • Chest Width - Small: 18", Medium: 20", Large: 22", XL: 24", 2XL: 26", 3XL: 28"
  • Length - Small: 28", Medium: 29", Large: 30", XL: 31", 2XL: 32", 3XL: 33


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