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Crossroads Tee

Quality Gildan T-Shirt

Quality Gildan T-Shirt - Crossroads Tee


Shipping $3.55
Quality Gildan T-Shirt
The Legendary Crossroads. The one and only place Robert Johnson himself sold his immortal soul. This t-shirt design is a creative take on a painted wall at the corner of the crossroads that happens to belong to Abes, a bar-b-q joint almost as famous as the crossroads themselves!
T-Shirt Model Description:
Brand is Gildan G500
  • Small: 18.00" width, 28.00" height
  • Medium: 20.00" width, 29.00" height
  • Large: 22.00" width, 30.00" height
  • XL: 24.00" width, 31.00" height
  • 2XL: 26.00" width, 32.00" height
  • 3XL: 28.00" width, 33.00" height
  • 4XL: 30.00" width, 34.00" height
  • 5XL: 32.00" width, 35.00" height