"How Blue Can You Get"

Blues Music T-Shirt

Blues Music T-Shirt -  "How Blue Can You Get"
B.B. King may have been the most famous man to ever utter the words "How Blue Can You Get!?" Now we've tried our best to immortalize the famous blues line on one of our high quality blues t-shirts!
I bought you a brand new car
you said "I want a Cadillac"
I bought you a ten-dollar dinner
You said "thanks for the snack"
I let you live in my penthouse
you said it was just a shack!
I gave you 7 children...
and now you wanna give 'em back!
  • Chest Width - Small: 18", Medium: 20", Large: 22", XL: 24", 2XL: 26", 3XL: 28"
  • Length - Small: 28", Medium: 29", Large: 30", XL: 31", 2XL: 32", 3XL: 33


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