Highway 61

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Highway 61 in a Quality Gildan T-Shirt


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Highway 61 is known as "the blue highway". It stretches the length of mid-America, snaking along the Mississippi River from Minnesota to New Orleans. 61 has played a pivotal role in both the development of our country and the creation of modern music. 61 served as the route so many bluesmen took to get from the Mississippi Delta to Saint Louis, Chicago, Memphis, and New Orleans, helping to fuel the evolution of new music like Electric Blues. Robert Johnson, in one version of the legend, is said to have sold his soul at the crossroads of Highway 61 and 49, just outside of Clarksdale, Mississippi. Long before Bob Dylan's iconic Highway 61 Revisited, delta bluesmen like Mississippi Fred McDowell and Sunnyland Slim sang about traveling 61. Any delta blues man worth his weight in salt traveled Highway 61 countless times. Most still do!

With that much history, legend, and intrigue, we had to make it into a shirt. So here it is!
T-Shirt Model Description:
Brand is Gildan G500, sizes are very standard/true, width measurements are from armpit to armpit.
  • Small: 18.00" width, 28.00" height
  • Medium: 20.00" width, 29.00" height
  • Large: 22.00" width, 30.00" height
  • XL: 24.00" width, 31.00" height
  • 2XL: 26.00" width, 32.00" height
  • 3XL: 28.00" width, 33.00" height
  • 4XL: 30.00" width, 34.00" height
  • 5XL: 32.00" width, 35.00" height