About Bluescentric

It started back in 2009 after a Taj Mahal concert. He played "She caught the Katy" just a hundred yards from the old Katy rail line. At that time, the internet was an earlier place, and there weren't many websites dedicated to folk and blues music, let alone sites that let fans find quality products that reflected their passion. So we set out to create fun things that would let blues music fans wear, share and enjoy their passion.

Along the way, we realized that other genres we loved were underserved too. And we're roots and bluegrass fans; we've pawned stuff to get concert tickets and have seen the Allman Brothers "family" a bunch and we'll preach all day about how every popular genre of music can trace its single root to the blues, and December 10th is a company holiday to honor Otis Redding's life... So then we set out to be THE place that "roots music" lovers can get their passion on. Five years, ten thousand tees (and counting), and (really!) over a hundred blues festivals later, we've shipped to roots n' blues fans in 61 countries and counting!

So we hand-craft our apparel, take the time to write to our customers, and carefully pack each and every order in the Missouri shop before they go out to music lovers across the globe. The blues speaks to the human condition, and we believe running a responsible business helps perpetuate that clean, raw message. So we print on (30% post-consumer) recycled paper, recycle 95% of all paper produced, and ship packages with less steps to try to do our part. Our exclusive, all-original designs are produced in-house (many even drawn by hand) from the minds of music lovers, and we work with companies in the U.S. to produce our merch, because while music is a universal language, shopping local is important to communities.

Our goal is to draw inspiration from the unique, fun experience of live music and the culture around it. Whether it's a second line with a New Orleans brass band, a delta juke joint about to fall into the Sunflower River, a packed Vic crowd in Chicago or your living room... from the famous hand-written thank you notes to our "Small Batch" hand-numbered, limited-edition products and innovative apparel and merchandise.

We hope you'll enjoy our products fine-tuned for the music lover. Check out our apparel designs in 100% cotton and exciting, rootsy colors hand-picked by us especially for roots music fans, and if you've got any feedback, we'd love to hear it.