About Bluescentric

It started like any other idea... over a beer! Way back in 2008, we were discussing the state of Blues online and noted that many sites had great content, but were sorely outdated or hard to navigate. We discussed the need for a good looking, easy to use, informative site that would scratch the surface of the collective wealth of the tightly-knit Blues community, players, history, and past and current blues musicians!

We wanted to offer great, fun blues t-shirts, blues posters, and other music merch that would give music fans the opportunity to show off their love of the music in a fun and unique way! Most importantly, we want to enrich and further blues music in all it's forms. That's why we donate part of the proceeds from many of our blues t-shirts and other products to blues causes, markers, benefits, non-for-profits, etc.!

And of course, blues music is about washing away the stress of life and and having fun, so we added entertaining bits of blues culture, like blues-inspired recipes and we created the blues name generator for good measure!

Matt Marshall is the shop manager, and Graham Kenady is the shop foreman. Graham makes, packages and ships most of the t-shirts you order! We're blues fans to the bone. Graham plays old outlaw country and listens to a mountain of old Blind Willie McTell, Townes Van Zandt, and Charley Patton. Matt plays blues guitar and is a self-described chef, most days slow smoking pork and roasting veggies. If you're about halfway between Saint Louis and Kansas City, Missouri be sure to look us up; we'll cook you up one of our Bluescentric recipes and a big slab of Memphis style ribs!

We sure hope you enjoy the site! Pick up a t-shirt while you're here and help support the blues while looking great!